Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Article 6

This article made me think that there are many companies out there who are clinging onto anything they can in order to hold onto a profit.  Time Warner is obviously feverishly trying to control their copyrighted holdings.  They are probably losing more money than we can ever imagine due to You-Tube and other online video sites.  It is hard to feel bad for them because they are creating media and releasing it out into the world.  How can you expect it to stay sacred and non-touched in today's internet society?
The other thing that I kept thinking while reading this article was that any exposure is good exposure. Time Warner should do a study to see how You-Tube circulation affects the sale of their media.  I've gone onto I-tunes and seen songs in the top 100 that were from years ago (Journey-Don't Stop Believing) and wondered what prompted so many to buy them?  I have a feeling that in some cases these songs are back on these charts because of online exposure and sharing.  

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