Tuesday, January 22, 2008

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Chin-Yi said...

Colman (2004) states that teaching students about digital media and art education have a responsibility to devise curricular and pedagogical goals that go beyond preparing students for future employment in market-driven jobs (p.61). She also point outs that some student have problems understanding Internet art. She tries to explain and give examples of what Internet art is about. Coleman states that Internet art are images that has been created with another medium, such as scanning original works for display on the web as well as a new medium for creative art expression.
She provided information of her experiences working with secondary level students in discovering different types of Internet art and the art in the Internet. Some students think that this medium that comes from Internet, does not necessarily determine if something is art or not. Others think that Internet art is “art” because it makes people realize that it is a form of expression. Internet art is something that can be developed and it has the ability to connect with the world. I think, computers have become an important part of our daily life. Therefore, it is essential for students to adapt to the elements of Internet art, and this article provides great information.