Sunday, April 19, 2009

Warner Music Group

Warner Music Group and the other music moguls are slowly losing control of the music industry and seeking every opportunity to try win back as much money as they can with their current copyright laws. Warner Music Group needs to realize that some of their copyrighted material might actually remain popular and/or experience a renaissance because of outlets like YouTube. By dismantling the viewing process they are also decreasing viewer and listenership; which in the end might prevent the natural discovery from happening. Resources like YouTube might actually help Warner Music Group’s own sales of the original songs on their label.

As a stop gap measure, Warner Music Group needs to take a step back and let the natural creative expression happen and strike a deal with Google to a. tap into the advertising revenue, and b. try to upgrade YouTube’s software capabilities so that it can distinguish between professionally made music videos and amateur material. One hiccup is that the line between professionally made videos and amateur ones is also slowly closing. However, none of the amateur artists are trying to make a profit off the copyrighted material and therefore should not be penalized.

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