Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I found the Frontline video incredibly pertinent and interesting. In many ways I related to what these adolescents were experiencing in immersing themselves in their own personal universe through the Internet. I can say with certainty that I still experience that “immersion” today. It is my escape from the monotony at times and can be a kind of release to converse in and surf through the Internet. I found that the parents were a little irrational and tended to overreact to the situation the kids are in. It feels to be a matter of fearing what they do not understand. Also it seems to me that the adolescents are more aware of the dangers that lurk than the parents themselves and yet they are not given the opportunity to prove that they do. It is a matter of trust, understanding, and communication, something that obviously was not going on in some of the families. The internet is a place for self discovery and a place to create who they are as unique individuals, and I feel that I wholly understand an respect that within certain limitations.

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