Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Growing up Online

Computers will begin to shape us as much as we've seemed to shape them. They are a medium themselves as well as recursive way of finding resources. I think they are pretty much external brains that make it less important to plan ahead and store information but that isn't the topic is it? It's about how they are replacing parents influence, fulfilling a fantasy life where cyber-fame can replace "real world" fame. They are a vehicle that creates alienation as they simultaneously cure alienation by becoming the virtual form of a global community.
They are the symbol of postmodernity. Exploitation will always happen at least their is a traceable code that supports evidence of a crime if one should happen. People need to be informed of the serious consequences of revealing too much personal information online. What seems especially difficult is that it is hard to know what types of security you can trust. I wish there was one security program that you could test on every site you are asked to put down your social security number or whatnot . It will be a dangerous world if our dependency on the internet goes too far. Honestly though, I don't know what to think about the internet because it thinks for me so much of time.

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