Monday, January 19, 2009

Response - Growing Up Online

After watching the Frontline video, I thought about my adolescent days. I felt that online was a place where parents could not go. My brother and I use to have a Xanga page, where we would blog about our days and so on. My father would find the link on his own computer and read it. He would tell my mom and she would ask us about what we have wrote, rather if it was good or not good. Since then, my borther and I would not write a lot on the xanga page because we knew that my dad would look at the site every day. When facebook came along, it was originally for only college students. And as the months and years went by, anyone could join. Just last year my dad had joined facebook. there was nowhere to hide. It may be annoying that he was able to get to all the internet sites that my brother and I were on. It was the only way for my parents to get updated on what was going on in our lives. I think because of this, mybrother and I were pretty conscience of what to put up online, that we did not want our paretns to see.

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