Monday, January 19, 2009


I think the desire to broadcast oneself in ways others would consider private is definitely a trait unique to teenagers. These young girls who post pictures of themselves in a provocative way or a group of kids who post a video of drinking and vomiting are essentially going through a phase, even if it may seem stupid and irresponsible. It’s the same as reminiscing about shenanigans from your high school or college days. You might shake your head and say to yourself, “what was I thinking?” There’s no doubt that one day these kids will look back in embarrassment and also wonder what they were thinking. Making immature decisions and learning from them is part of being a teenager - the only difference is that these days, everyone sees it.

Like the report said, this technology isn’t going away. It’s important for parents to keep up with it and to help educate kids on being safe. Teenagers need to understand that anything they post online can be viewed by parents, colleges and potential employers. Hopefully arming them with the right knowledge will help them to make better choices.

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