Tuesday, January 20, 2009


It’s scary to me how little control parents can have these days over their children. Our generation may understand the computer more than the previous one, however, know matter how much we know or think we know there will always be a bit of catch up that we too have to play. We can only hope to teach our children to respect themselves so that they can make wise decisions about what they want to publish about themselves. The tighter a parent wants to control their children it seems the more the children always want to rebel. At its very core however, adolescence is the same from generation to generation - children are struggling with their identity and trying to find ways to express themselves – while the surrounding environment changes around them. Regardless of technology, eating disorders, insecurities, the need for attention, all present themselves in many ways. There are human emotions and cues that should not be ignored and can be found outside cyberspace.

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