Monday, January 19, 2009

Growing Up Online

We live in a society where the internet is growing more and more every day. I remember when my family first got a computer, and we first go AOL. I was in middle school, and I was completely hooked. Every day after school I went online and met people from all over the US to talk to. Back then, digital cameras didn't come out yet, so it was more typing than uploading pictures. Now, I am still online, and I look at these younger generations, the generation of my brother  and see the differences between what I did online and what they do online and its such a difference. 
The internet has its good and bad factors. The internet is also here to stay, and its true we do need to learn how to adapt to an online society, especially when teaching. We need to constantly update ourselves and know what children are doing . Just like antibiotics, the fast food industry, and other battles the world has, the internet evolves us.

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