Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I was honestly a little disturbed by the "Growing up online" video.  I did not realize how much time and energy teenagers spend on the Internet; it's scary.  Besides all the cyber-bulling and chatrooms that promote anorexia and other taboos, the Internet can be a great tool to capture student's attention in the classroom.  I think smart boards, computers, and classroom blogs are a great way to keep the attention of students as well as incorporate their life style in the homework.  However, i do feel that we should still keep some traditional education styles to enhance students listening, reading, writing, and attention span abilities.  For example sparknotes.com is completely unacceptable and teachers should read the sites information on their assigned book to catch students that are cheating.  Also class discussions and interactions with one another is still very important in the everyday world and should continue in the classroom to build people skills.  It is scary that the Internet is such a huge part of everyday life, even for adults.  Is it necessary to have the internet on our cell phones?  I feel that people spend more time talking to each other through technology and hardly any time interacting with each other in person. 

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