Monday, April 6, 2009

Article 5 Response

The one question I kept asking while reading this article was, "Why does it matter so much if someone thinks a work of art is beautiful?"  Isn't beauty only one of the factors that make art "valuable" in our world?  What about the artist who made it, the circumstances behind its creation or the overall message that it conveys?  Doesn't the contextual information of a work of art have as much sway over its importance/value/regard in the art world as the aesthetic beauty of it?  If this is so, then why would art critics be so bothered by his research?  I think its really wonderful that we can map out the brain and find the specific clusters of neurons that react when one views something they like.  I don't think we need to find out if people are really lying when they say they like a work of art.  Its like making a lie detector test for people who are aloof about their taste in art.  I do, however, find it interesting the theory that specific painting movements are influenced by our brain's response to the artwork that it is interpreting.  It makes me wonder where this research is going and what it will find out next.   

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