Tuesday, April 7, 2009


What an interesting article and scientific theory. The concept that we could measure what most people find beautiful and use that when creating art. The idea that maybe the great masters of art, were in fact instinctive neuroscientists and have some higher understanding of how the brain views the world and beauty. Therefore, these artists could always create a visual language what was pleasurable to the eye. Imagine that scientifically we knew why we are attracted to certain pieces of art rather than an other; artists might change their style to be more pleasing to the publics’ eye and sell more artwork. This concept could be a threat to audition houses, art critics, artists, and art itself if pattern, design, composition, duration, materials uses, ideas, etc no longer mattered. And rather we classify what beautiful art is based on the publics’ overall opinion.
I think this is a very interesting scientific concept that could have some results on the art world. However, for the most part I think artists, art collectors, art critics, and etc would probably work even harder to find new ways to change art and refine beauty.

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