Sunday, April 5, 2009

Neurological aesthetics

Personally I don't understand how being able to breakdown love or desire to a neurological pattern is a negates of love's mystery. We still don't why it happens. Scientific explanations only attempt to answer how things affect one another. I think Zeiki's studies are quite fascinating but would like to know what evidence has been held against his scientific claims as I'm sure evidence on brain function is subject to subjectivity.
Perhaps if there was a way to compare classically beautiful pictures with a graph of harmonic frequencies, evidence could be concocted.I have often wondered if there is a connection between musical harmony and visual symmetry. I think the theory of reflexivity applies to most facts and impressions about beauty , which is simply that what you think about something determines what it is ( see Observable principle).
Beauty is connected to societal norms and the visual preferences ingrained in us from previous generations. If anyone ever wishes to read a great essay about objectivity and subjectivity of beauty, written by capitalist pioneer, Adam Smith, check out : The Impartial Spectator .

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