Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Graham - Neuroaesthetics

I think Zeki’s research is interesting enough but I don’t understand why the article suggests that this research could ever be anything more than just research. It’s so unrealistic that this would ever effect the art world, and suggesting that it could really shake things up just seems so silly. Are they one day going to set up brain scanners in every museum, to test people’s brain reactions to paintings? Or in the auction houses like Zeki suggests, to find out what people really think? That would never happen. I also feel like studies on what is aesthetically pleasing and so similar to this one have already been done. For example people with symmetrical faces with features of a certain size are considered beautiful, and are likely to stimulate certain receptors in the brain of a person viewing them. That may be science, but it will never stop people from forming their own opinions on what they like and sticking to them. Even if brain scanners were readily available, would anyone really care? When I look at a piece of art, I can decide for myself whether or not I like it, and if a scan of my brain contradicts my opinion, it wouldn’t change the way I think.

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