Tuesday, April 7, 2009


The part of Zeki’s research I find most interesting is the experiment that explores the brain’s response to art in relation to the context in which it is viewed. Does the brain react differently to work viewed in a museum/gallery versus art displayed in the streets? Is the rate we fire neurological messages dependant on if we see the art in person versus a reproduction? These are questions I would love to see explored…
Zeki’s research shows that we can measure how the brain reacts in various speeds to particular aspects of a work of art: color, form, motion, etc. The field of neuroaesthetics is fascinating and this research will undoubtedly provide new insights into the way we experience art. However, Neuroaesthetics doesn’t provide us with the full picture. Yes, our neurological makeup impacts how we perceive art, but there are many other factors that affect our experience in equally as profound and personal ways. Our memories, past experiences, particular mood- these are all factors that shape our aesthetic experience, and things that (as far as I know) can not be measured on an MRI.

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