Tuesday, February 10, 2009


After reading this article I felt that replicas of famous artwork could be helpful for educating and providing knowledge of artists and their work. However, I also feel that its much more satisfying to view the original artwork in person, if you have the opportunity. I know if I were in Italy I would not want to see the replica of the Last Supper, I would want to see the real masterpiece in person. With all the great technology we have now, why not try to create a replica of show what some of these masterpieces looked like before hand, as long as the audience is aware that they are viewing a clone. Technology is a great way to increase knowledge and educate people on artwork created 100s of years ago. Nevertheless, I feel that all credit should still go to the original artist. No one should be allowed to take credit for creating a replica of Leonardo’s Last Supper because it was not his or her idea.

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