Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Response: The Da Vinci Clone

I really appreciate the way in which Greenaway works.  I hope that he doesn't do it so much to inflate his own history but to inform our generation and continue awareness of the past.  I wish I could have been there to see the "performance" of the Last Supper.  It is probably the first time I have ever read something and believed that the aura or the "Bennie" factor of art could be recreated.  It re-conceptualizes Da Vinci's thought process and gives you a better perspective of his artistic intentions.  
It is hard to feel let down sometimes when you see a replica of a work of art in situ and then see it in the museum after.  This diminishes the aura for me, but is also an important part of retaining the history of an object or artifact.  The people of Venice saw the Veronese in the refractory of their church and it existed for their viewing.  Its existence now is overshadowed by the thousands priceless pieces of art in the Louvre and its over-exposed roommate, the Mona Lisa.  I hope that our expanding technologies can work to create a better awareness of art and allow people to fully appreciate it in new ways. 

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