Monday, February 9, 2009

internet art...I'm catching up on readings I promise!

The internet art article was a little outdated I feel, but I still made some good connections while reading it.  My main response while reading it was to the part where she explains how the students responded to internet art, and its being or not being art.  She was talking about the fact that she was surprised at how little the students related to and understood internet art given their everyday use of the internet.  Of course, everything looks better in hind sight, but this is the outcome I would have guessed.  Nobody understands art that is the new pioneer medium or movement, and kids especially I think would have a hard time relating to it.  But I thought it was great that she was reflective enough to come up with new ways to teach them and learn right alongside the students.  I think that's the best thing you can do, and that's what I hope to do as a teacher.  

I have an example of internet art that I really love.  I didn't know what to call it before reading this article, because I didn't know there was that distinction.  The artist's name is Julie Mehretu, and the website I'm talking about is
She was the artist in residence at the Walker Art Center when she did this piece, and she ran a program for kids that led to the creation of this site.  The kids kept journals and took photos of different parts of their lives and Mehretu turned it into this interactive art piece online.  Take a look, it's really cool.  When you click on the bubbles it show a picture and a caption written by the child.  When you click on or move the pictures you get a historical fact about an East African Country.  Mineapolis St. Paul has the highest population of East African Immigrants in the's a picture of the site: ok, well I can only get it to post at the top, so look above!

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