Tuesday, February 10, 2009

DaVinci Clone

As I said in class, this article and art piece was lost on me.  Reproductions are part of our everyday life, and even though this reproduction takes things to a whole new level, I don't think that being a "clone" makes it interesting by itself.  Also, if the artist was trying to re-create the original experience as it was intended to be seen, the added effects like the blood/wine dripping, and the glow at the end don't fit.  The fact that this reproduction makes the original more accessible and preservable is great, but personally, that is exactly what ruins it for me.  I am a very experience-oriented person, and cramming into a climate controlled room where the windows have been bricked up with 25 other people would add to the experience for me.  It would be a unique, genuine experience, and that is what I like about seeing great works of art.  So maybe I need to experience the Last Supper clone installation in person, maybe that would do it for me.  But as it stands, I'm pretty indifferent...I didn't think it was a great piece, but I don't hate it either.  

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