Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Reproducing Art

As I read this article my feelings on reproducing art works kept changing. Overall, I feel that using advanced technological processes to recreate artworks takes something away not only from the original art, but also from the viewing experience. I do think that is it important to introduce artworks to viewers as they were at the time that they were first created. I think that kind of information adds perspective and interest for the viewer. However, the transformation that a work of art goes through over time should be acknowledged and not taken for granted. There are other ways for viewers of art to learn how it looked, and where it was, originally. All of these technological advancements for reproducing artworks take away from the experience of seeking out a work of art that one wants to see. Great master works of art need to remain just that. With that said, I do think there is room for reinterpretation of historical art works. I cannot get away from feeling like masterpieces from our history should be left at that – from history. Appreciated for what they once were, and what they are now.

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