Sunday, February 8, 2009

da vinci clone

The topic of this story is mainly on clones, and replicas of famous art works. I feel that replicas are fine to have, as long as you know you are looking at a replica. I do agree that it expands cultural awareness, and gives people a chance to see the "almost" real thing in person, if they cannot travel 1000 miles away to see the real thing.  Seeing an original is always going to be more appreciative, but I feel that some people really may not care as much to see a replica, because it can still evoke the same feeling as seeing the original in person.
The man who made the replica of the Last Supper is creating the painting in a different view, and using light to reflect it off the walls and make it seem as real as the original was on the wall. I think this is a great idea, and feel this can give people a different experience in looking at that particular piece of artwork. 

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