Sunday, February 8, 2009


Just finished reading and seeing the youtube videos from the wired article you tube vs boob tube.
And I have to admit I had never thought of it like that; that computer are taking the power away from t.v. I always thought that they sort of work together (zapping out the reality of our real lives). I agree that the lines are being blured between these two forms of semi mindless entertainment (that I love). I think that the computer democratizes who has the power in a way, we can post out own images or videos... but at the end of the day there is still a big boss making a lot of cash off the distribution of this stuff. It is google instead of cbs, who cares, same difference. Reality t.v. is t.v.s ansure and pop up comercials are the internets way to be competitive back. So we get to find a place to show ourselves off (other then public television) and that makes everyone happy, maybe 15min. of fame is not what we should be striveing for, I want real change, I wana go to the park! (but can't forget my digital camera, to upload my new photos onto facebook and share them with my friends)!!!

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