Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Youtube Response

I think this article is right, that the line between tv and internet tv is about to disappear.  I know more people now that don't have tv's than I did five years ago, and it's not because more people are reading books or doing other productive things with their lives, it's because they can get what they want out of watching tv online.  Even when I watch something, half the time it's online, and I didn't even know how to do that four years ago.  I also don't think it's anything that anyone on "Madison Ave." can control.  If youtube was created by two guys in a garage, that means that the average person has just as much control over the future of the internet and its place in society as big tv executives do.  This is not a new pattern, either.  Take facebook, that too was started by two college guys writing a masters thesis.  Moving from tv, where the market is very controlled by money and who's in power, to the internet, where everyone and anyone could create the next phenomenon ... I think that's kind of exciting.  

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