Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Last supper for everyone

Greenway's vision is unique. The more technology substitutes for experiences, replicates atmospheric details, like the cracks in the Last Supper fresco, the more capacity we have for living a hologram lifestyle. This type of lifestyle might become necessary for those who have no immune systems and cannot go outside.
It seems unfortunate that Greenway was criticized so harshly for making a virtual archive . If there is so much research done on the intent of the piece, its vibrancy and location, why wouldn't a replica of the lost color etc. be a significant manifestation or product of all that research? History is butchered so much anyway , if creative license is taken with other replicas of the suppers, why is this one considered doctored or copy-cat art? Who is really being threatened and why?

If Jesus was a modern man he would be institutionalized. If Da Vinci was a modern man he would be a draftsman or perhaps a re-inventor like Greenway.

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