Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Reading 1

After reading Net.art and Net.pedagogy: Introducing Internet Art to the digital Art Curriculum I am left feeling slightly indifferent. I believe that everything in this world is art but I do not particularly enjoy internet art as I do other arts. When I went to Jodi.org I felt confused and angry like the author described the students in the case study. I think that this type of art could be very stimulating to people who know html and other similar programs but it is a bit too post modern for my tastes. I feel like I don’t get all of the humor, like I’m out of the loop.

Video 1

I felt angry when the mother made her daughter erase her entire myspace. I think I was most upset that the mother had no idea that her daughter was so unhappy and felt so alienated and instead of trying to get to know her daughter she shut down her creative outlet. Teenagers are sexual beings and for the mother to deny that fact and dismiss the notion of educating her daughter seems ludicrous. The internet can be a very dangerous place but the mother should have became savvy enough with the machine before it was brought into their house, let alone allowed in her daughter’s bedroom.

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