Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Introducing Internet Art to the Digintal Art Curriculum

This article introduced me to the concept of Internet art. Prior to this I would have said that Internet art is an image of an actual work of art... posted on the Internet. Now, after viewing jodi.org, I see that the Internet can be used as a media.
Art today includes everything.. There are no longer boarders, which define what is art and what is not art. I think post-post modernist art is primarily about thoughts and statements, however in my opinion this usually means that aesthetics are sacrificed. This is clearly the case for jodi.org and the art show. While the idea is interesting, I don't like the piece and I don't have much appreciation for Internet art. However my opinion is biased because I am an artist who is primarily a craftsperson. I use clay, which is one of the oldest art media known to man. For me one of my personal criteria for a good work of art is if has been well crafted, if something is just crafted by using a key board, I don't think that is art, but as I said before, anything goes in art these days.

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