Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Internet Art.

While I have yet to encounter much internet art that I enjoy, I think introducing the medium to students is a useful tool in getting them to think about and approach art in new ways. As was discussed in the article, the students' initial reactions to internet art were negative. Such a strong reaction to a particular piece of art, or in this case a particular medium, can be a good starting point to engage students in a critical discussion about art and art making practices. Why did you hate it? Do you think it's art? What would you do to make it more enjoyable/approachable? Showing students art that is difficult and will most likely elicit a negative reaction can also be a way to introduce and discuss ideas about postmodernism. If I were to have my students create their own internet art I feel it would have to come after a lot of practice thinking about and discussing art in a critical way.
After looking at some of the works that are mentioned in the article, I do have an appreciation for the interactive quality of the works. If I were to introduce internet art to a class, I might ask the students to think of ways they could create non-digital art that incorporates some of the aspects of internet art. for example, how could you make a piece that was interactive and guided by the viewer? Again, I am not totally sold on internet art but I do think the medium and the concepts behind it provide a lot of interesting material to discuss with students.

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