Friday, January 30, 2009


If the question is : "Is Google a monopoly in the same manner as Hollywood was?" (or in effect, monopolizing mainstream entertainment for bucks that make your head spin?) then, no, not really because Google is latching onto youtube domains that already existed and would exist with or without them perhaps?
Internet politics is very fascinating because copyrights seem very hard to protect once you've posted something and intellectual property is often too much hassle for those who want to attempt to live out their fantasies of "being a star" online.
The amount of control that a viewer has over their pandora radio station or the channels they subscribe to , even the firewalls that block advertisements, is much like a writing a self-directed curriculum. Internet advertising must compete with independent users who can choose to read or listen to an ad at their will unlike in TV, where you have to flip through channels to avoid commercials.

I would say that TV watching enables mental atrophy more than internet entertainment. What does seem unfair is the control over "spiders" that google and other search engines make you pay for.Monkeys are still somewhat of a mystery so please do not talk of their banana habits pejoratively ! The internet relatively speaking, has been one place where ownership is a bit more liberal , I hope google keeps it this way.

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