Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Who knew that there was such a thing as “internet art”? I personally have never heard of the term or have ever experience any Internet art. I suppose the reality of this art movement doesn’t really surprise me at all. Artists are always looking for new ways of expressing themselves in different mediums. I found it interesting that Colman in some sense assumed that the high school students would accept Internet art as art. Considering the dependences that most high school students tend to have towards the Internet, they initially were not impressed by the Internet Art. This situation is similar to when Marcel Duchamp revealed to the world his Fountain. Many criticized his turned up side down urinal not to be art. However, he challenged the initial reactions to his artwork through the conceptual idea and meaning behind the ready-made. So I guess I can say, why can’t Internet art be considered art? As art educators, we want to challenge our students not only to see what they see but see behind the actually thing to understand the meaning and the creative process of create art.

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