Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Internet Art to the Digital Art Curriculum

This article was particularly interesting to me since prior to reading it I had no idea that there was such a thing as Internet art.  The idea is an interesting one, and I think would be fascinating to discuss with high school classes.  It's another perfect example for the argument "what is art?"  The students involved seem to get a good grasp of the concept of Internet art through this series of lessons.   Although it appears to be a challenging topic - I'm not sure I completely understand what Internet art is yet, myself - our goal as art teachers is to challenge our students in order to help them grow and learn creatively.  High school students are often under the impression that all art has to be drawing and painting, but by teaching them concepts such as Internet art, educators are broadening horizons, indicating that there is always more to be seen and understood.  What I liked best about the lesson was that rather than lecturing the students about what Internet art actually is, the instructor gave them a chance to put what they learned to the test by having them create their own Internet art.  I think that Internet art is an excellent subject for art educators to teach.

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