Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Internet Art

This reading made me think back to when I was first introduced to Internet art in college. I had years of experience making art, but when it came to Internet art, I could not grasp the concept.

I can only imagine the difficulty high school students might have understanding Internet art. Students now spend so much time on the Internet, and have such a strong idea of what the Internet is to them, and what its function is. It is not surprising to me that the students in this study had difficulties making sense of the Internet art that they viewed. I still have a hard time understanding some of these pieces.

This study was very interesting. I like how it introduced a new aspect of the Internet to the students. Internet art is foreign to many who are completely savvy in other areas of the Internet. It is interesting how one can navigate through a webpage with ease, but when it comes to navigating through Internet art, everything changes. This would most likely hold true with a majority of people – not only students.

At the end of the reading, the writer talks about what she could have done differently in presenting this study. I agree that time needs to be spent easing into the area of Internet art. Such as having discussions with students about what they use the Internet for and using that to transition into Internet art and its differences from web pages. Also, guiding the students and helping them make sense of some Internet art would greatly help in their understanding.

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