Monday, January 26, 2009

Response: Reading 2

After reading the piece I found the authors final "wrap up" to be helpful.  His reflections of what was done correctly and how he would change certain parts of the unit were really interesting.  On a broader note, the piece was helpful in giving a description of how one can approach the teaching of internet art in the high school classroom.  The student's initial lack of care in the subject was strange, considering how immersed their lives are in the internet.  The students craved the comforts of the utilitarian basic website format, while struggling through worksheets about specific internet works of art.  
It is safe to say that this need for comfort disconnected the students from the artwork in the initial phases and caused lots of frustration.  The teacher brilliantly used these struggles to engage in the "what is art?" debate with the students.  This debate is important to have in all art classrooms, especially those that are introducing new media to skeptical students.  There really isn't one answer to this debate, but by opening up conversations in class, sometimes you can nudge open a close-minded student or open up the eyes of another.    

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