Monday, January 26, 2009

Internet Art

This is actually the first time I have ever heard of the term "internet art". It really is just anything that has been scanned or taken a photo of, and as soon as it's on the net, its internet art. The scary thing about internet art is that once you post something online, it is no longer yours. This is a really touchy subject for me as an artist, who runs a website and daily blog, uploading artwork and images all the time. Basically, I do this to get exposure, gain clients, etc. 
The market is huge on the internet. Someone can now base their entire career on the web, through a website, an online store, a blog, etc. It is amazing how fast the internet has grown and how many new jobs it has created. 
The internet can be viewed as art if you really think about it. Every web page is designed...even the crappy ones. Children and students who use the internet are exposed to this every time they open up a web browser. It is only natural to give more information on the internet as an educator, and to understand and learn from them as well.

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