Friday, January 30, 2009

youtube vs. boob tube

Youtube vs boob tube
What a great article, it is amazing what a huge affect has had across the world. I have to admit that I go on to search for comedic video, old Saturday night live clips, new music, etc. is a great form of entertainment and definitely is competing with television. However, some television stations have sold into the online trend by allowing free episodes of their shows online a day after the episodes has premiered. Some even keep the entire season up so you do not have to buy the season in a store. There are advertisements in these free episodes but they are only 30 seconds long, which is a lot more tolerable than commercials on television. I actually prefer to watch television on my computer. I love, I think Hurley had a great point saying that everyone wants to be famous and is a great way for people to be recognized without the consequences of true fame. I feel that the online world is just beginning and large advertizing firms and television stations better learn how to incorporate “monkeyvision” into their business affairs.

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