Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Joe Second Article

I found this article interesting in that I often make similar assumptions in regards to modern high school students and computer technology. I often assume that computer or internet technology would form an instant connection between these student’s interests and the subject matter. I think that their familiarity and daily use of this technology would automatically lend some sort of added interest to making or looking at artwork, as opposed to when using more traditional means. I guess this assumption is rather like saying an art student who loves to draw would find more interest in math because one works out math problems in pencil.
I still feel that there is some sort of added interest based on the use of technology they are familiar and comfortable with. As the author states, there was likely a problem with the way the topic was introduced to the students. Some of the difficulty was caused more by a lack of familiarity with art criticism rather than with internet technology.

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