Tuesday, February 3, 2009


It seems inevitable that online advertising will become more and more pervasive as time goes on and I'm willing to bet they will find ways around all of the problems outlined in the article. I do not have cable and hardly ever watch TV but I am sure I see as many ads and commercials when I go online for ten minutes as I would in a good two hours of TV watching. They are just as annoying online, but the ads are easier to bypass and ignore than when they are on TV.
I feel that since ads are literally everywhere now, I have just become immune to them almost. I see them but I don't really look at them. I could see five ads as banners or pop-ups online in minutes and not be able to remember a single one two seconds later. I understand why advertisers are worried as entire forms of mass communication are being rendered nearly obsolete (anytime I want to watch a TV show I do so online), but this type of saturation may lead to a collective turning off of consumers to advertising. Commercials before movies are bad enough, so I hope companies will reconsider their approach and back off a bit.
As far as youtube goes, it is unbelievable how much everyone, myself included, enjoys wasting time watching the most idiotic video clips. I do feel that if they began charging people to post videos they would be out of business so to speak. I do admire the sort of democratic quality that youtube has; ayone's input is just as welcome as anyone else's.

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