Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The you tube is a virtual universe overflowing with streams of life in all forms. Information, ideas, humor, stupidity, cells combining, dividing, expanding, what will it evolve into? It's a new organism unlike any we've seen in the hands of the masses. An instrument of creativity. A political tool, a form of entertainment, a toy for the voyeur and the exhibitionist, a hunting ground for predators, a vehicle for twisted minds. It's the great equalizer where anyone can have their 15 minutes of fame. It's existence is like being able to pass notes in social studies class, to relieve the boredom and anxiety. Laughing behind the back of the one in charge of all the idiocy. Reclaiming one's thoughts and individuality. I can't help feeling like the teacher is aware and is about to confiscate the notes. There will be consequences. Somehow I can't imagine the comparative freedom that now exists lasting forever. As soon as someone sees there is profit to be made, the process of control will begin. Someone else's rules will apply. How it will change I cannot predict. I'd say most people have had enough of the advertiser's greed motivated manipulation. But it is a like a cancer that keeps coming back. Wherever there is new life, it seeks to devour it.

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