Monday, February 2, 2009

youtube vs. boob tube

I have not had a television in years, and cannot say that I miss it or need it. I visited family over the holidays and watched TV briefly. I have much less patience for commercials than I did before internet TV. Advertisements are much shorter when placed during shows on the internet such as Some ads are even interactive to allure the viewer; however, internet advertising is much easier to ignore.

What I find most interesting is the advertising on facebook that caters to the individual depending on the information in the user’s profile. I have very little information in my profile, but I have ads popping up with new album and concert information about the bands that I have listed. I have never clicked on the advertisements, but I am curious to find out if they have been successful. Facebook also pairs advertisements with relevant social actions from a user's friends to create "Social Ads", but the user has the ability to opt out.

Not only has youtube provided some good entertainment for my former coworkers and me while working in an office, it has also been useful for art education purposes. I watched several Manga instructional videos when I was student teaching for a cartooning class last Fall. I have also used it for quick troubleshooting when using design applications. Youtube is a great way to show short video clips when presenting a lesson to students, without dealing with a gigantic television and VHS/DVD player on wheels.

My personal favorite youtube video is Sneezing Panda.

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