Tuesday, February 3, 2009

You Tube

I don't usually view YouTube, but after watching the video clips something strange happened. I became an addict. At first after watching "Boom goes the Dynamite" I was pretty horrified by this students presentation of the news, but then I saw the "History of Dance" clip and thought it was hilarious. I think videos such as these are good and bad. I think they are good because they allow another form of expression to the world. However, the instantaneous aspects of the media cause amazing improvisational pieces, as well as videos which should have been left out during editing. I work with ceramics and I have viewed a few really educational videos about technique. However I have also seen some pretty weird/gross videos on YouTube. Overall I think any media, video or other, if used in an inappropriate way does not speak with good intention. YouTube just makes the intention whether good or bad more instantaneous to viewers.

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