Wednesday, February 4, 2009


A couple random thoughts:

The big TV networks have been losing advertising dollars since the advent of cable channels. And when cable increased their channels to over 1000 to pick from, advertisers were forced to create more targeted marketing.

With the advent of the internet there are more ways to reach target markets than ever before. The interesting thing about YouTube is that it’s a search engine of sorts and so if an advertiser wanted to reach people that are interested in golf only, they can.

However, viewers will always find a way to ignore advertising if they are not interested. It used to be that people would mute the commercials. Now people TIVO right through them. With the internet, viewers tend to ignore banner ads if they aren’t interested. Soon, people will find a way to also bypass the pre-commercials on the internet as well.

The unique thing about the internet is that many of the sites were not started as money-makers. But people unfortunately will always try to capitalize on the genius of others. It’s a viscious cycle that will never end. First it was radio, then television, now the internet. And the internet is still so new still there is no telling where this consumption and greed will go.

From an entertainment level, the television tycoons used to have all the control. Now that control is spread through the masses. We as viewers used to be handed what would be popular. Now we’re making those decisions on our own. It’s a beautiful thing.

All this makes me think, did video really kill the radio star?!??!

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