Tuesday, February 3, 2009


YouTube…I have to admit that I have seen some of the funniest things on YouTube. People want to “broadcast yourself” because they want to be seen and hear, just like the celebrities. YouTube provides people with their fifteen minutes of fame. Its not necessarily the money that comes with fame, rather its about being popular and being the top gossip of the day. For some people who post on Youtube, and other internet website like Facebook and myspace, they might be socially awkward and these internet sites have given them a chance to create an identity they want people to see and relate to. However, it is free for anyone to use and content that most people do not wish to see, is accessible. For corporations like Google to invest in something so popular also risk chances of running into trouble. Especially with YouTube, there isn’t any one-person controlling what is being filtered on these sites. It is being broadcasted by millions and millions of individuals who want to be seen. And once again, I have to admit; I have even contributed to broadcasting myself in a mindless video while sitting in my dorm room. Perhaps I could even call it art. The art of being me.

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