Monday, February 2, 2009

You Tube vs, Boob Tube

The “You Tube vs. Boob Tube” was an interesting article. Even though Google bought you tube, they still have trouble controlling what is being uploaded daily. I could see how you tube could be the next generation of advertising. Before reading the article, I had a third grade student talk about what they were watching on you tube. I was semi shock about how a third grader knew about you tube. Now a days the younger generations, I feel is very depended on electronics. When I was in the third grade, I remember playing in the park and that’s about it. You tube is another way of get well known on the internet, and there are actually people earning money from doing short sitcoms on you tube. I think that if you tube was not started; people would not depend on it as much to watch anime, shows, even movies. You tube is an easy way to look for videos that no one may think of, for example “Charlie Bite my Finger”, a parent videotaping her two boys eating or just sitting in the sofa. So basically anything could be uploaded and Google is finding ways to earn money from advertisement, and trying to control what is being uploaded.

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