Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Reading 3

YouTube offers a form of entertainment that isn’t available on TV. Since anyone can post, we have access to entertainment that probably would never be aired on TV, but is still interesting enough that people want to watch and discuss it. One thing advertisers need to work on is making their commercials way more entertaining, and they should actually take a cue from the most popular videos on YouTube. People are stressed these days, and I think the appeal of YouTube is that it can provide silly, lighthearted entertainment within a short clip. I am not surprised that the most popular Super Bowl commercial this year was the Doritos ad in which a man hurls a crystal ball into another man’s groin. It’s so ridiculous, but people enjoy a quick laugh, and something like that has the potential to be circulated via email getting more exposure. If I have to watch a commercial before a web video, I don’t mind something like that, but if it’s not good, I’ll close out of the video or check my email while it plays, because with the technology available now I shouldn’t have to suffer through a bad commercial.

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