Tuesday, February 3, 2009

you tube vs boob tube

I don't feel there is really a big problem with the fact that you tube and other broadcasting websites are growing more and more each day. It brings a community of people to share things with each other, laugh, and broadcast themselves for the world to see. The only people who really don't benefit from this I believe is the advertising industry. Since youtube and the internet, more and more people are online browsing and looking at free advertisements online. Advertisers are losing money, and really don't have a way to advertise on places like youtube unless its on a sidebar somewhere. Most of the time, people are so flooded with advertisements on a daily basis that they become numb to it. I for one don't look at any of the advertisements I see on youtube, myspace, or anywhere else. I just ignore it. Eventually these internet things will be overcome by another type of advertising. Youtube already is in competition with other video sites like google, hulu, and one that MSN just created. Honestly, if you think about it, is this hurting anyone? Or just the big businesses?

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