Sunday, February 1, 2009

Reading 3

I’ve always found fascinating our obsession with YouTube. To a degree, I have always believed that it is almost a voyeuristic type of website, with the kind of videos one can find in there. Although that does sound negative in its connotation, its not meant to be. There is something interesting about watching some of these videos. It makes one feel as if you’re reading their diary, and all of their most personal thoughts and feelings were unknowingly on display. Then again, most if not all of the people who post videos of themselves wish to be seen, and to be acknowledged. They are allowing us to see a piece of who they are, and one of the many masks they wear. YouTube is addictive, and seductive. I can’t say I’ve met anyone who hasn’t seen it or used it for some reason or another. My kindergarten students were talking about a video they saw on YouTube only last week. It’s amazing how quickly children learn about these things. But that is beside the point.
The advertising world is in for some trouble, I believe. Now that people blog and view videos more online than on television, and when they watch television commercials are easily avoided by the miracle that is DVR, it is uncertain how they will deal with getting people to actually sit down and view these 1 or 2 minute promotional clips that cost millions of dollars. It seems to be an issue that is complicating itself with every passing day. Eventually, I feel, commercials might have to become even more complex and expensive, if only to make them interesting enough to get people to sit through them.

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