Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Clements: Week 3 Response

There are so many different outlets for personal expression in today's technologically "dependent" world...YouTube being just another venue for people who want to be "heard" or "noticed". Realistically, most of the videos on YouTube are of things very few people would ever care to intentionally watch. However, it still is entertaining. Even reading the article I was suckered into checking out the videos mentioned. I must say the "Evolution of Dance" video was pretty hilarious. On the other hand the video of the collegiate sports reporter just made me want to cry and put the poor sap out of his misery.

So is it valid for corporations to spend millions or billions to "get in on the gig"? Based on the amount of users, one could certainly make a logical argument that millions of viewers that may not be spending time in front of the television could be bombarded with advertisements. I think it's inevitable. Whenever a product or means of communication becomes popular, companies will follow closely behind and shell out the big bucks to jump on the bandwagon.

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